Partners & Peers

Seattle OEM partners with the community to prepare for, respond to, mitigate the impacts of, and recover from disasters. Seattle ACS works directly to support OEM's emergency communications needs. This extends to a dedicated radio room in the Seattle Emergency Operations Center.

Delivering education, resources and training opportunities focused on interoperability across the communications spectrum, The Communications Academy is two days of training and information on various aspects of emergency communications. Many ACS members contribute to the conference in both leadership and operational positions.

AlertSeattle is the official emergency notification system used by the City of Seattle to communicate with city residents during emergencies. Sign up now to receive free alerts from the City via text message, email, voice message or social media.

The WSARC is a group of amateur radio users ranging from newly licensed operators to seasoned operators. Our club promotes programs that develop and improve the skills of licensed amateur radio operators.

The Puget Sound Repeater Group is a non-profit organization that maintains and operates a 2-meter FM Amateur Radio repeater system in the Seattle area.