Leadership & Personnel

Seattle ACS Senior Leadership Team

  • Tim Helming, WT1IM – Director, COML, COMT

  • Carl Leon, N7KUW – Deputy Director, COMT

  • Dave Wilma, KG7LEA – Deputy Director, ARES Emergency Coordinator

Seattle ACS Functions and Project Leadership

  • Training and Credentialing Management: Carl Leon, N7KUW

  • Public Information Officer (PIO): Tim Helming, WT1IM

  • Sectors Program Manager – George Thornton, AE7G

  • Exercise Planning Team Management: Dave Wilma, KG7LEA

  • EOC Communications Center Management: April Mardock KI7QFV

  • North Seattle Communications Center Management

    • Dale Nelson, KE7BSB

    • Dave Wilma, KG7LEA

  • Net Manager: Dean Lambert, N7DLX

  • Communications Technology Systems/Tech Team Management

    • Doug Kingston, KD7DK – COMT

    • Casey Hickerson, AE7SL – COMT

    • Randy Neals, W3RWN – COMT

  • Information Technology Management

    • Website Manager – Casey Hickerson, AE7SL

    • G-Suite Sys Admins: Ethan Schoonover, W7ZOO & Ian Gallagher, KE7MAP

    • Web Content, Michael Kostis, W7MYK

    • Calendar Coordinator – Bruce Sherman, N7EQL

  • Public Service Events Manager: Franz Niedermeyer, N3HFS